About Me

My name is Sonia Stanbury, I come from Prague and have lived in London for 20 years

My Inspiraton


I paint in oil and I am interested in abstract, especially lyrical abstraction. I am interested expressing light and darkness, feelings of space and sense of emptiness. 

Perhaps my interest in meditation and study of hypnosis influenced me on my journey looking for peace. I often don’t have words to express a feeling so I reach for colours. The colours can express quietness, feeling lost, playfulness or just being in awe of life. 

What inspires me are endless horizons, small pieces of nature or her overpowering strength, beautiful but oppressive stormy clouds and the sea.

I also love painting on silk as it allows the light shine through, the silk is soft and tactile and can move in the breeze. 

Sculpture and ceramics are another mediums through which I express my emotions and thoughts of life or death.

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